Everything Diesel Engine Owner Needs to Know About DEF

Purchasing heavy equipment can be a very stressful process. Before going out to look for new equipment, a person will need to make a list of things they are looking for. If a buyer wants equipment with lots of power, getting a diesel engine is a must.

Once a person has purchased a piece of machinery with a diesel engine, their main concern will need to be keeping this machinery in good shape. Most new diesel engines use diesel exhaust fluid to reduce the harmful emissions they produce. The following are some of the things a diesel owner needs to know about DEF.

How Much Diesel Exhaust Fluid is Needed?

One of the main things that a diesel owner may want to know about this fluid is how much they need. Generally, an engine will consume about 10 percent of this fluid for every full tank of diesel fuel they burn. Every engine is different regarding the amount of diesel exhaust fluid it needs, so carefully read the owner’s manual for instructions.

This is why a person will need to do their homework when trying to find this important information out. Speaking with a reputable dealership or diesel mechanic is a great way to find out how much exhaust fluid a machine needs.

What Happens if a Machine Runs Out of This Fluid?

Another concern that most people have regarding this fluid is what happens if their machine runs out. The only way a diesel engine will run out of this fluid is if the owner neglects to maintain it regularly. Most diesel engines that require this fluid have a gauge that shows the level of exhaust that’s still available.

Usually, the engine will shut down if the fluid is completely emptied. Taking it to a mechanic to get it refilled can help a person get their machinery back in action in no time at all.

Instead of trying to add or check this fluid on their own, a person will need to reach out to professionals for help. By doing this, an individual can avoid doing damage to their machinery due to a lack of experience.