Get Everyone’s Attention With New Interactive Signs

Signs aren’t just for looking at anymore. Today, they can be designed so that those who pass by the sign can interact with it and have a little fun. Interactive signs help to promote brand awareness by getting customers involved and encouraging them to interact with the business. Some of the things you can do with an interactive digital sign include the following.

Get Customers Involved in a Poll

Curious about who’s walking by your store? Ask questions on the interactive sign and gather answers from those who pass by. Polls can be done on signs with a touchscreen or by posting a QR code anyone passing by can use to bring up the poll on their smartphone and answer it.

Let Customers Play a Short Game

If your interactive sign has a touchscreen, it’s easy to add a quick game anyone can play when they’re waiting near your store or when they’re passing by. This grabs their interest and gives you the chance to showcase your business while they play.

Let Customers Add Photos to the Sign

This is an excellent option for businesses in historical areas, downtown, or anywhere else where people are going to want to show off their own photos. They’ll love seeing their own photo on the sign and may take a photo of the sign to show off later, expanding the reach of your outdoor sign.

Let Customers Enter to Win Prizes

Use a short game, poll, or just a barcode to let potential customers win a prize. This can be a promotional product to boost brand awareness, a discount to encourage them to purchase something, or another small prize. It gets them in the door to collect their prize and can be used to encourage the person to talk about the business later on.

If you’re ready to upgrade the sign for your business, check out the various types of outdoor digital signs that are available today and consider an interactive sign designed to get the attention of anyone who passes by your store. The right sign can boost your business significantly and help you bring in many more customers right away, and with the flexibility of interactive signs and how you can use them, you’ll be able to create the perfect sign for your business.